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Stereochemistry RACEMIC
Molecular Formula C26H27ClN2O3S2
Molecular Weight 515.087
Optical Activity ( + / - )
Defined Stereocenters 0 / 1
E/Z Centers 1
Charge 0

Structure of MK-571






Molecular Formula C26H27ClN2O3S2
Molecular Weight 515.087
Charge 0
Stereochemistry RACEMIC
Additional Stereochemistry No
Defined Stereocenters 0 / 1
E/Z Centers 1
Optical Activity ( + / - )

MK-571 is a selective, orally active leukotriene D4/E4 (LTD4/E4) receptor antagonist patented by Merck Frosst Canada, Inc. for the treatment bronchoconstriction. In ex vivo models MK-571 competitively antagonizes contractions of guinea pig trachea and ileum induced by leukotriene (LT) D4 and LTE4 and contractions of human trachea induced by LTD4. MK-571 antagonizes bronchoconstriction induced in anesthetized guinea pigs by i.v. LTC4, LTD4, and LTE4 but do not block bronchoconstriction to arachidonic acid. In clinical trials, MK-571 is a potent antagonist of LTD4-induced bronchoconstriction in both normal volunteers and asthmatic patients.

Approval Year



Primary TargetPharmacologyConditionPotency
Target ID: Q9Y271
Gene ID: 10800.0
Gene Symbol: CYSLTR1
Target Organism: Homo sapiens (Human)
22.0 nM [EC50]
Target ID: P08183
Gene ID: 5243.0
Gene Symbol: ABCB1
Target Organism: Homo sapiens (Human)


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2016 Jan


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