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Stereochemistry ABSOLUTE
Molecular Formula 2C5H6NO3.Zn
Molecular Weight 321.621
Optical Activity UNSPECIFIED
Defined Stereocenters 2 / 2
E/Z Centers 0
Charge 0

Structure of ZINC PIDOLATE







Zinc Pidolate (Zinc PCA) is a topical skin product with purifying, astingent, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic activity. It has long been used as a cosmetic ingredient, because of its astringent and anti-microbial properties. Zinc Pidolate has also being shown to be effective against halitosis. Zinc PCA prevents the UV-induced MMP-1 production in vitro by suppressing the activation of AP-1. Zinc PCA was also able to enhance type I collagen synthesis in NHDFs, by increasing the expression of the mRNA encoding the ascorbic acid transporter SVCT2 in non-UV irradiated NHDFs, which suggests its promising effect against not only photoaged skin but also for the simple atrophic change of intrinsic skin ageing. Zinc PCA is able to suppress sebum secretion by inhibiting 5-α reductase in hyperseborrhea, to suppress body odor by forming zinc salts with short-chain fatty acids, to suppress wrinkles by inhibiting AP-1 to and inhibit bacterial growth including acne related Propionibacterium acnes.

CNS Activity


Approval Year



Human seminal relaxin is a product of the same gene as human luteal relaxin.
1992 May
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2005 Sep 25
CFSUM1 and CFSUM2 in urine from patients with chronic fatigue syndrome are methodological artefacts.
2006 Feb

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Topical, as a compontent of lotions, creams and other cosmetic products.
Route of Administration: Topical
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