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Stereochemistry ACHIRAL
Molecular Formula C14H17ClN4S
Molecular Weight 308.83
Optical Activity NONE
Defined Stereocenters 0 / 0
E/Z Centers 0
Charge 0







Molecular Formula C14H17ClN4S
Molecular Weight 308.83
Charge 0
Stereochemistry ACHIRAL
Additional Stereochemistry No
Defined Stereocenters 0 / 0
E/Z Centers 0
Optical Activity NONE

Approval Year



Primary TargetPharmacologyConditionPotency
1.0 nM [IC50]


Distinct pharmacology of rat and human histamine H(3) receptors: role of two amino acids in the third transmembrane domain.
2000 Dec
Genomic organization and characterization of splice variants of the human histamine H3 receptor.
2001 Apr 15
Histamine H3 receptor-mediated inhibition of sympathetically evoked mydriasis in rats.
2001 May 4
Histamine H3 receptor-mediated impairment of contextual fear conditioning and in-vivo inhibition of cholinergic transmission in the rat basolateral amygdala.
2001 Nov
Histamine h(4) and h(2) receptors control histamine-induced interleukin-16 release from human CD8(+) T cells.
2002 Oct
Involvement of histamine H3 receptors in scratching behaviour in mast cell-deficient mice.
2003 Jul
Two novel and selective nonimidazole histamine H3 receptor antagonists A-304121 and A-317920: I. In vitro pharmacological effects.
2003 Jun
Histamine H3 receptors regulate vascular permeability changes in the skin of mast cell-deficient mice.
2003 Nov
Histamine h3 receptor antagonists potentiate methamphetamine self-administration and methamphetamine-induced accumbal dopamine release.
2004 Apr
Histamine H3 receptor activation inhibits dopamine D1 receptor-induced cAMP accumulation in rat striatal slices.
2004 Jul 8
Ligand identification for G-protein-coupled receptors: a lead generation perspective.
2004 Jun
Presynaptic cannabinoid CB(1) receptors are involved in the inhibition of the neurogenic vasopressor response during septic shock in pithed rats.
2004 Jun
Inhibitory effect of iodophenpropit, a selective histamine H3 antagonist, on amygdaloid kindled seizures.
2004 Mar 15
Intracerebroventricular administration of histamine H3 receptor antagonists decreases seizures in rat models of epilepsia.
2004 May
[Mechanisms of the effect of brain histamine on chronic epilepsy induced by pentylenetetrazole].
2004 May
Histamine H4 receptor mediates eosinophil chemotaxis with cell shape change and adhesion molecule upregulation.
2004 May
Involvement of histamine H4 and H1 receptors in scratching induced by histamine receptor agonists in Balb C mice.
2004 May
Histamine H3 receptors modulate reactive hyperemia in rat gut.
2004 Sep
G protein-dependent pharmacology of histamine H3 receptor ligands: evidence for heterogeneous active state receptor conformations.
2005 Jul
Influence of intracerebroventricular administration of histaminergic drugs on morphine state-dependent memory in the step-down passive avoidance test.
2005 May
Cross state-dependent retrieval between histamine and lithium.
2005 Sep 15
Role of substance P on histamine H(3) antagonist-induced scratching behavior in mice.
2006 Apr
Probing the importance of N-glycosylation for [(3)H] clobenpropit binding to human H (3) receptors expressed in HEK 293 cells . 3. Molecular and chemical aspects of the histamine receptors.
2006 Apr
Histamine excites neonatal rat sympathetic preganglionic neurons in vitro via activation of H1 receptors.
2006 Apr
Effect of endogenous histamine in the ventral hippocampus on fear memory deficits induced by scopolamine as evaluated by step-through avoidance response in rats.
2006 Apr 15
Detection of multiple H3 receptor affinity states utilizing [3H]A-349821, a novel, selective, non-imidazole histamine H3 receptor inverse agonist radioligand.
2006 Jul
STAT1 phosphorylation and cleavage is regulated by the histamine (H4) receptor in human atopic and non-atopic lymphocytes.
2006 Oct
Role of histamine in ghrelin-induced gastroprotection against acute gastric lesions.
2007 Apr
Histamine downregulates monocyte CCL2 production through the histamine H4 receptor.
2007 Aug
Pre-synaptic histamine H3 receptors regulate glutamate, but not GABA release in rat thalamus.
2007 Feb
Histamine H3-receptor agonists and imidazole-based H3-receptor antagonists can be thermodynamically discriminated.
2007 Jun
Histamine augments beta2-adrenoceptor-induced cyclic AMP accumulation in human prostate cancer cells DU-145 independently of known histamine receptors.
2007 Mar 15
Correlation of apparent affinity values from H3-receptor binding assays with apparent affinity (pKapp) and intrinsic activity (alpha) from functional bioassays.
2007 May
Histamine excites neurones in the human submucous plexus through activation of H1, H2, H3 and H4 receptors.
2007 Sep 1
The role of histamine in human mammary carcinogenesis: H3 and H4 receptors as potential therapeutic targets for breast cancer treatment.
2008 Jan
Human inflammatory dendritic epidermal cells express a functional histamine H4 receptor.
2008 Jul
Histamine-induced itch and its relationship with pain.
2008 Jul 31
Zebrafish: An in vivo model for the study of neurological diseases.
2008 Jun
Antagonist affinity measurements at the Gi-coupled human histamine H3 receptor expressed in CHO cells.
2008 Jun 6
Efficient approaches to S-alkyl-N-alkylisothioureas: syntheses of histamine H3 antagonist clobenpropit and its analogues.
2008 Mar 21
Histamine H4 receptors modulate dendritic cell migration through skin--immunomodulatory role of histamine.
2008 Oct
Apomorphine-induced turning behavior in 6-hydroxydopamine lesioned rats is increased by histidine and decreased by histidine decarboxylase, histamine H1 and H2 receptor antagonists, and an H3 receptor agonist.
2008 Sep
Histamine H4 receptor antagonism reduces hapten-induced scratching behaviour but not inflammation.
2009 Jan
The histamine H4 receptor is functionally expressed on T(H)2 cells.
2009 Mar
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